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“I thought I had no chance of qualifying for an Australian residency visa, until a friend referred me to Australian Immigration where I met with Mr. Charles Wu. That was more than 10 years ago. Today, my family and I are permanent residents of Australia, living and working happily in Perth.” Cheok, Success, WA

“I was working as an aircraft engineer in my home country and always wanted to be my own boss. Together with a few other friends, I explored the possibility of going into a small business in Australia and sought the advice for a suitable Australian visa at Australian Immigration. Today, I run and own one of the larger Japanese sushi business in Perth.” Steven, Southern River, WA

“My parents and siblings were already permanent residents in Australia. My earlier application for residency visa handled by some other agent failed. Later, I got to know Mr. Charles Wu at Australian Immigration Pty Ltd. After careful evaluation, he suggested a couple of alternative pathways. I decided on one of them. Recently, I successfully obtained my Australian PR. My wife and I are so happy with the result. Thank you Mr. Wu” Dominic, Hocking,WA.

“I came from the UK seeking to experience the Australian work environment. I then fell in love with an awesome Australian man. Justin, now my husband, knew Charles Wu from his business and got Charles to assist me with my partner visa. It was successful! I now call Australia home…. Sooogooood! “ Samantha, WA

“My family and I always liked Melbourne. I was too busy as a Regional Sales Director with a major U.S company, to take any action with applying for Australian residency. A mutual friend introduced me to Charles Wu at Australian Immigration. The rest is history…. I now live with my family in Melbourne, sipping wine enjoying life, did some business sold it now on lookout for new ventures! Charles & family visits me whenever they come here and we visit them when we get the chance. We have becomefamily friends.” Granville, Melbourne, Victoria

“My wife and I did our University studies in Perth, graduated and worked back in our home country for a few years. We yearned for the open and beautiful Australian landscape and the lifestyle there. Got to meet Charles. He spent a lot of time with us, talking sometimes counselling. Long and short of it, today we live happily with our two sons ( 7 and 1 year olds) in Sydney where my wife to work for a multi-national company” Wes, Sydney, NSW

“I am an Australian and met my wife in the Philippines and one day back in Australia, I saw Australian Immigration signage. I dropped into their office and was warmly welcomed by Charles Wu. We spoke and soon I engaged him to act for me as my migration agent to obtain a partner visa for my girl-friend/fiancée then. All worked according to plan. Thanks to Charles, who we now regard as a friend” Grant, Floreat, WA

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