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Why Australia

Why Australia? Like many, you may be attracted to Australia. From what you most likely would have read or heard, Australia is probably the most liveable country on planet Earth. Awesome beaches, huge homes, beautiful climate, pristine environment, friendly people, glorious foods…. One can go on and on.

There is no question that given an opportunity, everyone would love to holiday in Australia at least once in their life-time.

But living, working and doing business in Australia require a more hard headed consideration. Can I get a good education and health care? What about job opportunities? Is it small business friendly? Can big businesses thrive here? Is the political system stable? What about the tax system? Most importantly can I achieve a good life and prosper in Australia. These are great and fair questions.

Well, ask yourself this. Each year, there are between 150,000 to 200,000 new visas approved for overseas people to live and work in Australia. In fact the number of visa applications far exceed those numbers each year. Why do so many people want to join in the Australian dream? Obviously, it must be for a better and brighter future! The latest Significant Investor Program alone brought in many high net worth (with at least $5million transferable to Australia) investors in the past year with total investments of nearly $2billion. Indications are that the coming years will see a further increase of this.

More specifically and widely envied are the following drawcards for many who want to make Australia home:

To be sure, Australia like all nations has its challenges. The success or failure in overcoming challenges for every nation lie in the quality of its leadership, the natural endowments, luck and blessings, if you will, and the indomitable spirit of its people. In all of these, Australia scores highly! So come, Australia welcomes you! Complete the preliminary questionnaire and click “submit”.

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